Wat is TX-Keur?

“For travellers, from taxi entrepreneurs”

TX-label is the national quality label for taxi transport. The TX-Label stands for professional drivers and comfortable and safe taxi transport. The quality and safety of a taxi ride are the main pillars on which the TX-label is built. The Foundation TX-Label offers a full package of regulations TX-approved economic operator with a taxi which can show that the company comply with high quality standards. It is a balanced package and it contains clear guidelines to which the entrepreneur who wants to get the TX-Label must meet. The interests of travelers, clients and taxi entrepreneurs are in balance, whereby at the TX is the rural quality mark of the entire taxi industry.

Benefits TX-approved companies

Clients choose increasingly to work together with TX-approved companies . This allows you as a consumer to count on a safe and comfortable way. The companies that have obtained the TX-Label are annually tested independently. In addition, continuous interim quality controls are held on street, at hospitals, schools and institutions where taxis often come. The taxi driver is well educated, knows his customers and understands the trade. He (or she) will be happy to assist you getting in and out of the taxi, thinks along with you and will make you safe and comfortable arrive to the place of destination.

A taxi with the TX-label is:

  • reliable: the entrepreneur ensures continuity
  • safe: the car meets strict safety requirements
  • neat: both car and the driver according to the criteria of the certificate must be representative
  • Independently tested: the criteria for inspection by neutral parties. All taxi entrepreneurs benefit eligible, provided that they meet the necessary conditions.

And the taxi driver is:

  • well educated: TX-Label has its own package of training courses so that all drivers be trained and their knowledge is regularly refreshed
  • customizable: the driver of a TX-approved taxi knows its target audience
  • friendly: the driver of a TX-approved taxi is socially skilled, helps you to get in and out, and if necessary speaks the English language.

How do you recognize a TX-approved taxi?

  • A taxi with a TX-range can be identified by the blue sticker on the right side of the windshield. On the rear window and the sides of the taxi can also TX-stickers, however, this is not mandatory.
  • A taxi company is a TX-certified company as they appear on this website http://www.tx-keur.nl/consumenten/keurmerkhouders and the blue sticker.