Discount card

As you probably know, drives Taxi Frenske her passes holders on the cheapest possible rate. In order to purchase a pass, you pay € 2.50 only once. This card is available from our drivers and immediately after handing over you will receive your first discount.

You will get huge discount on the entry fee. Please note, drivers may drive only on the most profitable rate after showing your own personal pass. The information you provide when you buy a discount card in accordance with the Privacy Act will be exclusively used for internal administrative acts.

*Discount card not valid with transfers on invoice

Fill in the form, print the email out and hand over to our driver.

Rules of procedure

1. Pass is strictly personal and not transferable.
2. Before starting taxi ride pass will be shown to the driver.
3. Pass is only valid if the holder participates the taxi ride.
4. Is the pass not shown before the start of the ride, then the normal rate is used.
5. Pass gives discount on rides from, to or via Maastricht.
6. In the event of misuse and/or fraud the pass will expire, and it will be taken from you.
7. Pass can only be claimed by handing in the application form at Taxi Frenske.
8. Incomplete applications will not be considered.
9. in the case of bus rides the taxi kilometerprice, applies from 5 persons or more.
10. Pass holder should give changes in information as soon as possible to Taxi Frenske.
11. Taxi Frenske reserves the right to change these terms and conditions or to withdraw the discount card.

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